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KV650 Injection Molding Machine
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Konger injection molding machine KV series technical parameter table KV650/4680
  International standard injection volume VB cm3 4680
      A B C D
Injection Unit Screw Diameter mm 90 95 100 105
Screw L/D Ratio L/D 20.4 19.4 18.4 17.5
Shot Volume cm3 2544 2835 3141 3663
Injection Weight(PS) g 2315 2580 2858 3151
Injection Rate cm3/s 552 612 679 748
Injection Pressure Mpa 184 165 149 135
Screw Speed rpm 145
Clamping Unit Clamping force KN 6500
Toggle Stroke mm 870
Space Between Tie-Bars(WxH) mm 880x880
Max. Mold Height mm 900
Min. Mold Height mm 350
Tie Bar Hei mm  
Ejector Stroke mm 250
Ejector Tonnage KN 150
Others Max. Pump Pressure Mpa 16
Motor Power KW 37+23
Heater Power KW 46
Machine Dimension m 10.2×2.24×2.71
Oil Tank Capacity L 1100
Machine Weight ton 28
Planten dimensions
Mould space dimensions

Molding Locking Unit

  1.Tie bar adopt surface hard chromium plating processing.

  2.With adjustable fect slip block structure.

  3.Automated centrauzed lubrication system.

  4.Sgnchronous gear mold adjustment.

  5.Sensor feet connecting thrust block.

  6.Optimization design of toggle structure, clamp of opening and closing fast and smooth.

Servo System

Injection Unit

  1.Double guide bars, imporve inject technology.

  2.High speed hydraulic motor for screw.

  3.Injection, holding pressure closed-loop control and precise back pressure control.

  4.Screw barrel demolishing vertically makes it easy to replace.

  5.High-strength mechanical structure design, keep lasting precision.

  6.Low speed and high torque hydraulic motor drive screw rotation, excellent performance of plastic.

  7.Optimized design of screw, wide range of raw materials.

Hydraulic Unit

  1.Adopting Taiwan's technology to produce valve.

  2.Hydraulic circuit designed to meet international safety standards.

  3.Automatically red oil temperature.

  4.No welding pipe in order to achieve stable and reliable maintain.

  5.Adopt international well-know hydraulic components.

Electric System

  1.Support for multiple languages.

  2.System with dual-core microprocessors makes it high-speed, anti-noise, low power consumption.

  3.USB interface can be updated or backup system parameters.

  4.Internal inspection ethernet interface, convenient connection.

  5.Smart security features like page prompts, provide maintenance tips and warranty.

  6.Injection pressure, velocity, end and holding pressure curve display graphical.

  7.With a record 120 groups and 120 groups to modify alarm recording function.

  8.Computer boot self-test function and mechanical failure alarm.

  9.I/O simulation capabilities that enable online analog input and output points.

  10.Supports simultaneous monitoring of multiple machines through an office computer, corporate managers may. Differ according to the production process, production resources planning.

  11.User-friendly design layout manipulation.

  12.Servo drives can achieve a variety of control methods of digital control and analog control.

  13.Multiple closed-loop monitoring device as standard transfer mode electric eye, the analyte electric eye, speed electric eye, etc.



  Konger can provide our clients with general-purpose screws to meet the diverse requirements, but also for different types of plastics and processing characteristics of the product, Konger offer special types of screws to meet high qualiy and high precision requirment.

  Such as:UPVC, MPPA, PA, PC, CP, PPS, PET and other special screw.

Standard Configuration

Injection unit

  Parallel bars, balance injection system

  Corrosion-resistant screw barrel

  Injection, holding, storage material multistage control

  Location or time of injection holding pressure injection

  Injection position detecting residual material

  Injection position transducer control

  Screw cold start prevention function

  Low speed high torque hydraulic motors pre-plastic

  Barrel temperature closed-loop control


Clamping Unit

  Five-point oblique double crank clamping mechanism

  Clamping position transducer control

  Machinery safety agency

  Synchronous action of mould-open and eject

Electric Unit

  Large-screen color LED display

  100 groups of computer memory die memory function

  Temperature deviation display, an electric circuit alarm function

  Real-time monitoring of the health of each action

  System hardware I/O monitoring

  Reserved printers, floppy interface

  Motor security features

  Emergency stop protection

  Multistage ejector mode

  Auto mold-adj function

  Low pressure mold protection function

  Automatic centralized lubrication system

  Mold cooling water diverter

Hydraulic Unit

  Self-sealing magnetic suction filtration system

  Oil temperature monitoring and alarm functions

Option configuration

Option Device

  Similar clamping unit and interchangeable injection unit

  DFEE electronic closed loop pump control system

  Special screw for special raw material

  Synchronous action of mould-open and eject

  Spring nozzle, extension nozzle, a hydraulic nozzle

  Screw speed detector

  Multi-circuit hydraulic system

  Quick auxiliary accumulator injection device

  Pulling device

  Blowing device

  Template insulation panels

  Transparent tube cooling meter

  Automatic safety door

  The feed opening cooling temperature control system

  Oil preheating function

  Oil thermostat system

  Hopper magnetic frame

  Die photodetector

  The proportion of back pressure device

  Internet remote monitoring system

  Hydraulic safety lock

  SPC electronic sub-refining equipment

Other Setting

  Adjustable shock pad feet

  Common tools

  Machine instructions


Excellent Molding Stability

  The servo driving system has its pressure and flow under closed loop control; and compared with traditional injection molders, its molding repetition precision is improved substantially.

Constant Oil Temperature

  The servo motor output hydraulic oil proportionately to prevent excessive heat.It can achieve substantial water saving even without cooling.

Rapid Response

  The servo driver features rapid response whose rapid starting time is improved by 50% compared with traditional injection.

Substantial Energy Saving

  Under the same conditions, it can save 20%-80% energy compared with traditional constant delivery pump injection molders.

High Performance Environmental Protection

  The complete machine features low operating noise, and even quieter during low-speed operation.


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