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High-speed packaging IMM
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Konger injection molding machine technical parameters Cheetah 330Plus
Injection Unit Screw Diameter mm 55
Screw L/D Ratio L/D 22.9
Shot Volume cm3 641
Injection Weight(PS) g 583
Injection Rate cm3/s 1400
Injection Pressure Mpa 169
Screw Speed rpm 0-400
Clamping Unit Clamping force KN 3300
Toggle Stroke mm 600
Space Between Tie-Bars(WxH) mm 625x625
Max. Mold Height mm 680
Min. Mold Height mm 330
Ejector Stroke mm 95
Ejector Tonnage KN 70
Others Max. Pump Pressure Mpa 16
Motor Power KW 44+23
Heater Power KW 20.6
Machine Dimension m 7.55x2.0x2.34
Oil Tank Capacity L 980
Machine Weight ton 13.5

Planten dimensions

Injection Unit

1. Double rod cylinder injection mechanism, both to ensure that the injection pressure can improve the life of injection rods, reducing the back pressure increase rate of fire shot back to the oil;

2. Double rail injection mechanism more accurately plasticizing no negative;

3. Selection of high-temperature materials, special plasticizing screw. Plastics more efficiently;

4. Optional nozzle will be able to achieve complex movements, greatly reducing the production cycle time.

Clamping System

1. High strength locking mechanism and reasonable optimization shaft, to improve the life and enhance the physical capacity of clamping mechanism;

2. Strengthen thin wall thickness reduction product deformable template when filling;

3. Extended template guide template to move away from making more stable improve mold precision, easy for robot pick up;

4. Hign strength compression wear self-lubricating bushings, to improve the life-saving lubricant;

5. Built-in mechanical bumper effectively reduce the use of safer die height.

Hydraulic Unit

1. Dual-pump dual power, both composite action can be done to achieve convergence function more energy, more efficient;

2. Optimized circuit design, action no impact, more precise injection mold;

3. Cylinder balanced injection into the oil drain fast and efficient.

Electronic Unit

1. The controller drives the internal communication protocol;

2. Fast machine proprietary process control technology.


1. High rigidity design of clamping unit enables the locking minimal deformation, achieve high-speed and high-pressure requirements;

2. Configuration optimization of the hydraulic system, improve the injection speed;

3. Injection unit adopt linear slide rail guide, injection smooth and efficient;

4. Special screw design for packaging material, present higher plasticizing capability.


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