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Ningbo konger machinery is an advanced plastic molding injection machine manufacture in China. It’s products are all kinds of Molding injection machines with clamping force from 50 ton to 1800ton.The application area include automobile, electronic, medical, appliances, ect. And also can provide clients innovative and Hi-tech solutions based on International standard.

Professional team:

In our company, each engineer has more than 20 years experience in molding injection machines, will help you overcome any difficulties or troubles in this area, and bring you the value of the machine.

Professional market technique :

As the expert in the molding injection machine, our chameleon series covered all the multiple-color market, can provide Double, Triple and Quadra color products.

And our cheetah series are focused on the high speed machines, satisfied with the producing demand of the clients from packing industry ,and help to save the cost.

And also in the top grade market ,in order to match the require of higher speed and more precise ,Konger also provide Kontec and K-TEC series machines, get closer to the International market.

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